Friday, August 22, 2014

How to discover the names of hotels that discount hotel sites hide.

I'm not revealing any state secrets when I tell you that there are many sites on the net offering to find you heavily discounted hotel rooms.  In fact, sometimes the savings (especially when you use a jollywallet affiliated site) can be really huge and  make taking that vacation or weekend break possible.

Jollywallet offers lots of discount vacation sites with great prices, coupons and your jollywallet cash back reward.  Sites include Priceline which offers last minute deals and 3% cash back and Last Minute Travel which specializes in last minute reservations and gives you a 0.65% cash back bonus.

Other well known jollywallet affiliated sites offering discounted hotel rooms (as well as car hire, packages, city breaks, shows, flights and more) include Hotels4U with a 3.58% cash back, with $13.21 cash back, and  6% cash back, Hotel Club with a 7.8% cash back reward and ChoiceHotels with coupons and 4% cash back.

But what do you do when a last minute deal shows you some great deals but not the hotel's name - just its rating and location.  They do this because the hotels don't want their competitors matching their low prices.  If you want to be sure that the hotel is in a good location or that it's in a quiet neighborhood, try the following:
  1. If the site shows a map of the location, zoom into Google Map's street view and look for a hotel with the same star rating and amenities.
  2. If there isn't a map or the site won't let you see Street View. just do a Google search for all hotels with the same rating and facilities.
If you want to find more jollywallet affiliated hotel discount sites, go to jollywallet's site and search for "booking", "hotels" or similar to get an up to date list of jollywallet discount hotel sites.

Have fun and enjoy!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Get ready for the ski season now and save big bucks.

I know, it’s not even the end of August and here I am talking about ski and snowboarding. But winter isn't really that far off and now’s the time to start thinking about getting new ski apparel and perhaps some new gear.

Because the ski season hasn't really started (unless you’re in the arctic or Alaska), there are some great off-season deals out there waiting for you to take advantage of. And if you shop at a jollywallet affiliated store like 800-Ski-Shop you not only save money but also get a 7.5% cash back reward for every on-line purchase.

800-Ski-Shop have the latest skiwear from Spyder, Nils, Obermeyer, North Face, Marmot, and others. Look for new mens and womens ski jackets and pants. They also have the latest Patagonia fleece, Marmot down jackets, North Face Jackets, and Mountain Hardwear clothing.

In the Footwear Department 800-Ski-Shop have new Ugg models for women and kids. They've also added Western Chief and DAV rain boots to their selection. Also new are Darn Tough socks for skiing.

For your ski trip, they have all latest Oakley Goggles, Smith Sunglasses, Marmot Ski Gloves, and Patagonia Luggage. They’re also fully stocked with the best selection of Camelbak Hydration Packs for skiing and snowboarding.

800-Ski-Shop is a compulsory stop for all you snow lovers. They have everything you could possible need to be ready for the ski season and with some really great prices plus the jolly wallet 7.5 cash back reward on every on-line purchase.

See you on the slopes!

Monday, August 18, 2014

August 21 - National Senior CitizensDay

Proclamation 5847, signed into law on August 19, 1988, by President Ronald Reagan devlared August 21st of each year to be National Senior Citizen's Day
(Dia De La Tercera Edad in Spanish). This is when we celebrate and honor, as a nation, the lives and the contributions of generations of Americans who looked after their families, their communities and their country.

This year as well America will be thanking our seniors in many ways. Communities organize special events with seniors as guests of honor while youth organizations like the Scouts volunteer to help in nursing homes or retirement homes.

It’s also a great excuse for the family to get together, young and old, and spend the day strengthening the bonds between the generations and a time when the youngsters can hear  stories of how things used to be (How many young people have even seen a dial telephone or know what a transistor radio is?)

Special things you can do
  • Take senior family members or friends out for a meal at their favorite restaurant.
  •  Make a special video or photograph album commemorating the life of your parents or grandparents.
  • Cook a great meal and take it to a senior’s home and just spend the time to sit and get to know them. 
  • If you have a senior living on your street, offer to mow the lawn, tidy up the yard, wash the car or any other chores that need doing.
  • Bake or buy some cookies and take them to seniors in your street.
  • Many seniors don’t understand some aspects of modern technology. Help them with email, surfing or even how to use their mobile phone.

Most important of all – National Senior Citizens Day is a great way to honor these amazing people. But please remember the other 364 days of the year when they may still need your help and support  – make a resolution to carry on your good deeds throughout the year.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Local deals and promotions - straight to your in-box

Wouldn't it be great if you could have coupons and special offers delivered directly to your home every day?  And not just any old deals, but deals that save you dollars and are relevant to where you live and not the next state.

Have you heard of Groupon?  It's a fantastic service.  The folks at Groupon put together a personalized list of stores offering special deals, promotions and discounts in your area.  But that’s not all, they send you a regular email, direct to your in-box with the very latest offers sorted into categories such as Automotive, Beauty & Spa, Food & Drink, Local Services and more.  All you have you do is check out the deals you want and start saving money.  And did I mention that as a jollywallet member, on top of the great promotions Groupon also give you a 6% cash back reward for every purchase?

How it works
When you connect to the Groupon site for the first time, sign up for a Groupon account.  Give your name, email and provide a password.

 Now just type in where you live and start enjoying a whole new shopping experience!  If you want, you can personalize your shopping experience by providing Groupon with more information about yourself, your shopping habits and your favorite things and so on – this helps them find the deals that best suit you personally.
Another great thing about Groupon is that if you’re away on vacation, you can type in your hotel's ZIP code, and get deals for that area – fantastic!

So, try it out now, you’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain - including 6% cash back from jollywallet.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I love shoes!

OK I admit it, I've a thing for shoes.  I just love 'em and I'm always buying a new pair.  In fact, if the truth be told, even though I haven't actually counted how many I have in my closet, I'm sure there's enough to wear a different pair every day.  That's why I love my jollywallet app - I can go on-line and get fantastic shoes, at bargain prices and a cash back reward as well.  It's a win-win situation for me and the store!

To be honest, I do try and justify myself when I buy a new pair of high heels, some sneakers or even walking shoes.  In fact, I've discovered that I have quite a creative streak when it comes to telling people why I buy so many shoes - fashion, I have to look good for my job, comfort (always works), a special occasion, going out to the theatre or a show.

But the only one who isn't impressed by my collection is my husband.  He's the exact opposite of me.  If I have hundreds of shoes, he has just five pairs and his slippers (I've counted) and that includes at least one pair that he never wears.  He just can't understand why I have to have so many shoes. If he had his way, everybody would be walking around bare-foot.  It's not the money, he just can't understand.

But then, he's got a thing for power tools so whenever he complains about my new shoes, I remind him about his latest DIY toy and then  put on one of his all-time favorite albums, "Boots" by Nancy Sinatra and his favorite track "These Boots are Made for Walking".  That always brings a smile to his face!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Golf - a sport for everybody!

Golf is one of the most popular sports in the USA today.  Once it was just for the rich and the famous but today, with golf courses all over the country, anybody and everybody can try try their hand at this great sport.

Golf can be played by everybody, men, women, seniors, kids - all you need is a course near your home, some  equipment and you're ready to go.  Most courses offer  a range of membership options (many even offer a "drop in" option), a pro-shop and tuition.   Your local golf course is also a great way to spend some quality time with the family by playing with your partner and kids - spending the day walking across the greens, enjoying some lunch at the clubhouse or snack bar and getting back in touch with mother nature.

If your new to the sport, all you'll need is a couple of
lessons from the golf pro or a friend and you'll be ready to start experiencing the fun and the thrills of a round of golf.  It can be as easy or as challenging as you want it to be - getting out of a sand bunker, your first hole in one, finishing a hole under par.  Every new achievement is a milestone to be celebrated.

But whether you're a newcomer or an old hand at the game - try out some of the great on-line golf shops on jollywallet.  A great selection of golf wear and equipment, fantastic deals and coupons plus your usual cash back reward for every purchase.

See you at the 18th hole!

Friday, August 8, 2014

2014 Youth Olympics - yep, there really is and it's this August

Everybody's heard of the Olympics and the Para Olympics - but the Youth Olympics? Well, since 2010, every 4 years there's a Youth Olympics (Summer & Winter) for athletes between the ages of 14 to 18 from around the world. This year, they're being held in Nanjing, China.

It promises to be a really great occasion with more than 3600 athletes from 204 countries competing in 222 events in 28 sports.

It most probably won't get much coverage on the sports channels even though the US will be sending one of the largest delegations with almost 40 young sportsmen and women who'll compete in 24 sports.

Many of these fine young athletes will almost certainly be competing in the 2018 Buenos Aries Olympics so, now's the time to show our support for our national athletes by getting out there and getting into shape with some new sports gear or maybe even buying some great Olympic memorabilia.

In our family, each of is a fan of a different sport. I love running, the kids just want to see basketball and swimming and the man of the house is mad about soccer. We've decided to run a competition between us and are trying to guess how well Team USA will do in each of our favorite sports. And of course, there's a prize, the winner gets a Target gift coupon and we make a donation to the American Olympic Committee.

One other thing we'll be doing, is calling our local cable company to see if they'll be broadcasting any of the events. If not, then there's always the internet.

Join  us in supporting Team USA!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Keeping in touch for the small business, charity or foundation - Constant Contact

If you run a small business, a charity or foundation then you know how important it is to keep in touch with your customers/donors.  In todays highly competitive world, good customer relations can be what makes your business stand out above the rest and give you that much needed edge.
Constant Contact, a jollywallet affiliate, is a fantastic on-line marketing tool that lets you keep in touch with your data base, build and manage social campaigns, publicize and invite people to events, hold surveys and much, much more.
The beauty of a Constant Contact subscription is that it's modular.  You only need to pay for the services you need and as a jollywallet member, you get $73.50 cash back on your first subscription.   Of course, you can always add services if you need them or remove them if you don't.
Working with Constant Contact is simple and you can be sending out your first newsletters and sales promotion within just a few minutes.  If you want to be more adventurous, the site offers a tremendous selection of tools to help you increase the exposure and appeal of your mails, manage and classify contacts and lots of help functions, video and even webinars.
So, don't wait any longer, go to Constant Contact and see for yourself.

Monday, August 4, 2014

What's your favorite TV show?

August 25th this year is the 66th. annual Emmy Awards ceremony and your chance to see if your favorite TV show gets the reward it deserves.  The nominees for this years awards have already been announced so if you want to see if your show has been nominated, click over to the Emmy site.

Now's also the time to show support for your favorite shows by going on line to look for show merchandise and memorabilia.  Jollywallet has loads of affiliate stores with some great show merchandise, plus the jollywallet cash back reward.

HBO Store has a whole range of merchandise available for all of their shows including Game of Thrones, Silicone Valley and many more.  They're offering up to 40% off, some great coupons and, 2% cash back for jollywallet members.

ThinkGeek also has some original merchandise for Emmy nominee's - Breaking Bad and the Big Bang Theory to name just two. .  And you get a 4% cash back reward.

Hot Topic is a really cool site where you can find TV and movie memorabilia and tons of really funky stuff.  To make it even better, they're offering 20% off across the board for all online purchases, and you get your 3% cash back bonus as well.

Cafe Press is another fantastic site with everything you could want from all of your favorite shows - T-shirts, mugs, water bottles and lots, lots more.  Add some great coupons and deals plus your jollywallet 4% cash back reward and you have a winner!

So, go on-line now and show the world that your show is the best and deserves that Emmy!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Schools back...almost!

Well parents, breath a sigh of relief because school summer vacation is almost over!  Once the kids go back to school, they'll be busy 5 days a week with school and assignments and you won't have to keep then occupied 24/7.  But before you start celebrating, you still have to get them outfitted for the new school year.  And believe me, as a parent like you, I know how much that costs. And coming after expense of the summer vacation - it can place a real strain on the housekeeping money!

So, instead of waiting until the last moment, why not get out now and buy them all the things they need for the new schools year?  Clothes, notebooks & textbooks, pens, rulers, calculators laptops & tablets.  If you get it now, you can save some
big bucks.  Amd if you shop online at jollywallet affiliates, not only will you find some unbelievable bargains and deals, but you'll also get a cash back reward.

We've put together just a few of the many jollywallet affiliates where you can save & make money at the same time. - special Back to School sale plus 3.5% cash back on all your on-line purchases.  Everything you need for school (and the office) plus you get an extra 10% discount on orders over $150 - but the offer ends tonight

Dell computers - the leading brand for home and laptop computers as well as a host of other electronic gear for your kids education.  They have some amazing deals on their site, perfect for the new school year and you get a 1% cash back reward into the bargain.

Nation wide chain of stationary, office and school supplies Office Depot offers a cash back bonus on all your purchases and almost 50 different coupons that can save you mega bucks.

Discount School Supply is devoted to supplies for schools, and for parents looking for excellent deals on excellent products.  The offer a huge range of merchandise plus 4% cash back, coupons and some really amazing special offers such as an extra 15% off on selected classroom favorites.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Labour Day Deals

The 4th. of August is Labour day and, just like every other year, stores across the stores on jollywallet - you'll save and make money at the same time!
country will be offering special deals and savings to get you come in and shop.  But why go out when you can shop from the comfort of your home. What's more, if you're a jollywallet member, you get great deals and cash back rewards from our more than 7000 affiliated stores.  So before you rush off to the center of town or your local mall, check out some of these great deals.

Here are just a couple of things you should take into account.  Many stores, especially the big chains, will announce their deals close to Labor day.  So you have to keep your eyes open and either visit their sites or keep an eye on local press and media channels.

Labor Day deals aren't limited to the 4th of August, stores and on-line sites will be offering bargains and cut prices before and after Labor Day so that they can get returning customers.  That's fine, because as well as getting some great savings, you also get your jollywallet cash back reward on all of your purchases, no matter how much they're reduced.  It's a win/win situation for the the store and for you!

So, keep your eyes peeled on the ads in the newspaper, look for TV ads and, if you listen to local radio - keep your ears open.  After all, you don't want to miss those great bargains and cash back rewards.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Let jollywallet save you money on your European vacation

Taking the family to Europe for a vacation, the UK, France, Italy?  Well wherever
you go in Europe (and around the world) you'll find jollywallet affiliated stores where you can make your in-line purchases and get our cash back rewards as well as great discounts and special offers.

So, just to get you started and show you some of the many ways you can save and make money by shopping at jollywallet affiliated sites, we've put together of just a small sample of what's out there waiting for your.

Blue Nile Diamonds - the UK is known for many things, not the least of which are its excellent jewelry designers and merchants.  Blue Nile diamonds offers some of the most beautiful diamond jewelry available plus a 3% cash back reward when you shop on line.

Best Western Hotels has great hotels across Europe and gives a 3.25% cash back reward on every reservation.

And if we're talking about reservations, has a comprehensive car and hotel reservation service and 4.25 euro cash back on all your transactions.

Bravo Fly will let you search for cheap local and international flights to and from almost every country in the world and a 5.85 euro cash back.

BobShop.Fr is a French on line store for all your sporting needs.  Top quality stuff, great bargains and 5.2% cash back.

Have a great vacation, enjoy the sites and use jollywallet to save  and make money!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Everything you need to know about car rentals this summer

Lots of us will be hiring cars for all or part of our vacation this summer.  It's the logical thing to do, especially if you're travelling far from home and want the freedom to go where you want and when you want.  Relying on public transport just isn't a solution and getting a cab can cost you the proverbial arm and a leg.

That's why a car rental makes sense.  We've put together some helpful advice to make sure you get the right car for your trip.

Tip 1: When choosing a vehicle class, make sure that there's not only enough room for all the passengers but also their luggage.  If you've got a long drive in front of you, travelling with a suitcase on your lap isn't a joke.

Tip 2: Book a car well in advance.  If you're travelling at peak season the type of car you want may not be available.

Tip 3: As a general rule of thumb, hire a vehicle that has 5 doors rather than 4 - it just makes stowing the luggage easier.

Tip 4:  Pre pay for a full tank of petrol when you return the car - saves time and aggravation.

Tip 5: When you pick your car up, check it thoroughly for scrapes, dents etc - especially the hub caps.

Tip 6:  Make sure that, if you have more than one driver, all the drivers are insured.

Tip 7: If you have any special requests, GPS, child seat etc., make sure the rental company knows well in advance.

Tip 8: If you plan on dropping the car off at a different location, check if any extra cost is involved.

Tip 9: When you pick your car up - ask if there's a free upgrade.  There often is but if you don't ask...

Tip 10:  Rent your car from a nationwide car rental firm.  They'll have a service infrastructure in place and if anything goes wrong, help won't be far away.

That's it, drive safely and  have a great time!

Friday, July 25, 2014

July 27 is Parents Day

Did you know that the 4th Sunday in July is Parents Day?  Yep, it certainly is.  Its a
day when we celebrate not just Mom and not just Dad, but both of them together, sending them our appreciation for the love and care they give us each and every day of our lives.  And let's face it, they deserve it.  Kids demand a lot of attention and looking after. Our parents do this willingly because they want the best for us and want us to grow up to be happy, healthy, responsible, educated and prosperous citizens.

So now's the time to start thinking about how we can show our appreciation?  It doesn't have to be a huge gift, it could be as simple as a bunch of flowers, booking them a table at a good restaurant, giving them a weekend break, tickets for a show or even organising a surprise family get together around the BBQ in the back yard.

But do give it some thought.  Try to find a gift, a token of your appreciation that is personal and meaningfall both to you and your parents.

Here's one idea from the National Parents' Day Coalition (yes it exists).  Organize a street or neighborhood party for all the parents.  Get together and turn the celebration into a huge thank you for all the parents.  It's a great way of showing you care, of getting people together and building a sense of community.

But however you decide to honor your parents - one thing they'll always want to get from you - a hug and a kiss!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Great ways to save money and get cash back rewards

Here are some more great money saving and money earning tips waiting for you when you shop on-line using the jollywallet browser app.  Over 3000 stores waiting for you to come on in and save money and get cash back with every purchase!

Coupons, Coupons and More Coupons

 - is an amazing site that offers you coupons and discounts at restaurants, shows, sports, hotels, travel and a whole lot more.  What's more, tell the site where you live and you'll get a localised set of coupons to use.  And just to put the cherry on top of the icing - you also get an 8% cash back bonus on all your on-site purchases.  A great way to have fun for all the family but without breaking the bank!

Sports, Shows and Movies

Save up to 60% on tickets for sports events, live shows, concerts and movies when buying tickets on line from ScoreBig.  And if you're a new customer, you get an extra $15 discount on all orders over $90.

The Quiet Life

If you like the quiet life and just want to relax with a cold beer and a good book try the Book Outlet where, as they say on their site, they have "read-iculously low prices" and an 8% cash back reward for all jollywallet shoppers.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Time to get ready for school....

Sure I know, it's just the middle of July, why start getting ready for school now?  The answer is simple, the later you leave it, the more expensive it'll be.  Buying stuff for school now is buying out of season and prices are a lot lower with some great bargains waiting for you.

So, we thought we'd put together a few of our best recommendations of what you should consider getting now and what you should perhaps put off until later.  So, here we go!

Desk & Laptop Comps

Buying a laptop now can save you big bucks.  I know, if you wait until just before school starts you'll be able to get the latest model with all the bells and whistles - but you'll also be paying top dollar for extras and technology that neither you nor your kids will most probably use.  The best deals?  Well that depends on what you want from the laptop.  But as a general rule of thumb, go for discounted touchscreen desktop systems or 15" touchscreen laptops.  Prices have plummeted for many mainstream models and retailers are introducing aggressive pricing and offering great deals to get you to buy.  Now's also a good time to but peripherals and other comp related stuff.

Don't pre-order new release models of anything!!!

It's tempting to be the first on the block with that new tablet or cell phone.  But being first means your paying a premium price (prices nearly always drop after a couple of months( and your also the manufacturers guinea pig because you get to discover the bugs.  So wait a month or two and then start shopping.


Generally speaking, the Summer's not the best time to find TV deals.  But with the World Cup just having finished, many stores will be wanting to get rid of sets that they have left in stock.  They'll be offering attractive prices and, if you go for off-brand sets (which are usually made by the major manufacturers anyway) you may be able to save even more cash.

Thats all for now, but we'll be  back soon with some more great ideas to help you save, and make money with jollywallet.

Friday, July 18, 2014

How do the stars keep in shape?

Havn't you ever wondered how it is that all those celebrities, movie stars, singers, models, always seem to have such great bodies?  How do they manage to stay in such great shape while  the rest of us have to fight every ounce of the way to keep those extra pounds off.  Not only the extra pounds but how do they get (and keep) six pack abs, flat stomachs, streamlined bodies, slim legs and a marrow waist?

So, how do they do it?  Well, to be honest, they're really no different from you and me - determination, hard work, eat less but healthy and exercise.  OK - I can see what your'e thinking - you know all this, but it's so difficult.  And it is, almost impossible because of the fast paced lives we lead, the temptations all around us and just finding time to look after our own bodies.  But, those celebrities have one great advantage - lots of cash.  Not that cash can get you a slim figure, but it can get you a personal trainer, let you buy your own gym with all the best equipment and even pay for a private chef or special meals that are designed for their diet..

So, taking it as a given that most of us don't have thousands of dollars of spare cash hanging around, what can we do to help us win the war on weight?
  1. Realize that if we are healthier we will enjoy life more and live longer - as soon as you realise that and make a real decision to do something about it, you're halfway there.
  2. I could say join a gym, but lets be realistic.  So, instead of taking the elevator, walk up those flights of stairs.  Instead of taking the car to the local store - walk.  It's amazing what a difference it can make.  Alternatively, get a treadmill or an elliptical and use it for just 30 minutes a day.
  3. Drink water - not sugar free drinks, just plain, ordinary water.  Your body needs it and it helps you loose weight.
  4. Eat three meals a day - son't skip.  Use smaller plate because we eat with our eyes and not just our mouths.
  5. Get family and friends involved to help you stay on track - midnight raids on the pantry are a potential disaster.
The links in this post are to just a few of the thousands of jollywallet stores offer cash back to jollywallet members.  Maybe the money you get back will be an extra incentive?  Hope this helps you shed those pounds.  

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July is National Ice Cream Month!!!!!!

"I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!" shout this mantra from the rooftops, because July is National Ice Cream Month and has been since 1984 thanks to President Regan.  The climax of the month is the 20th of July which is, yest you guessed it, National Ice Cream Day.   If were up to me, it would be National Ice Cream year - I love ice cream and could eat gallons of it regardless of the weather!  In fact, ice cream must be up there alongside hot-dogs, pizza and burgers as one of America's favorite foods.

So how about some delicious, home made ice-cream.  Sure, you can get some really great ice-creams from your local store or speciality ice-cream parlour, but nothing is so satisfying as home made ice cream.  Here's my favourite recipe for Cake Mix Ice-cream:
1 cup cold whole milk
3/4 cup granulated sugar
2 cups cold heavy cream
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2/3 cup of your favorite cake mix.

Place your ice cream maker's bowl into the freezer.  
In a medium sized  bowl, whisk the milk and sugar until the sugar is completely dissolved.  
Stir in the heavy cream and add vanilla extract.  
Stir in the cake mix until its smooth and without any lumps.  
Pour the mixture into the cold ice cream maker bowl and mix for about 30 minutes until it thickens.  
Put the ice cream mixture into a separate container and back into the freezer to harden.

Take your ice-cream out of the freezer about 10 minutes before you want to eat so that it can soften.
Add hot chocolate or fudge sauce, sprinkles, fresh fruit and...ENJOY!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Great Holiday Ideas

OK - I know we've written a lot about the summer vacation, but hey, it's one of those few occasions where the whole family gets together and just has fun!  Mind you, If you've got kids then you may need another vacation by the time you get back.  That's why we decided to put together some helpful tips to make your vacation a real vacation, not just for the kids, but also for you.

Plan in advance - plan everything in advance, preferably with the children so that they get a say.  Make sure to include more that you think you'll be able to fit in so that you always have a back up plan ready.
Book in advance - get tickets for attractions, shows in advance.  That way you don't have to queue for hours as the kids get more and more agitated.  Reserve hotel rooms - don't look for a place to stay as you go - that "No Vacancy" sign can get pretty annoying as it starts getting dark.
Plan your route - if your driving, plan your route and some alternatives before you go.  Don't rely 100% on that GPS and keep a set of maps handy.  Also keep your phone charged - you never know when you'll need it.
Keep some clothes in your hand luggage - nothing is quite as frustrating as the airline loosing your luggage.  So keeps a change of clothes and essentials in your hand luggage just in case.
Keep the kids occupied - it dosen't matter how much you prepare, at some stage they're going to get bored.  Take along some books, a couple of games or prepare some activity to keep them occupied during a long drive.
Be prepared for weather changes - the weather man is usually pretty accurate.  But when mother nature changes her mind and you don't have the right clothes - look forward to a miserable time.
And finally, the most important tip and sometimes the hardest one to use - try and stay calm and patient.  It's not always easy, but believe me, it helps.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Staying healthy means staying fit.

We all know how important our health is to us just as we know that to stay healthy means that we eat a balanced diet, avoid excessive use of alcohol and tobacco and, perhaps the most important of all - keeping our body well withing the norm for our sex, height and age.  
Now none of these things are easy - let's face it, with so many temptations out there, maintaining a healthy diet is a problem and getting proper exercise demands time and effort.  I know, I've been there - eating a proper, balanced diet was always something to begin after Thanksgiving, after the nest wedding or just next week (funny how "next week" never came).   

Staying fit is also a huge problem - especially if your job involves you sitting down in an office most of the time.  To keep fit, we need to exercise, and that means taking the time.  According to most experts, we should train at least three times a week for about an hour.  May not seem like a lot - but how many of us really manage to free up those three hours?  I know I  hard it can be because ther'es always something urgent or more important to do.
So here are a few tips that I hope will help.
Portion size - one of the best way of making sure we eat less is by eating smaller portions - but a small portion on a large plate makes us want more.  So, cut down on the size of plate you use - your portion size will go down and you'll feel less hungry.
Drink a couple of glasses of water before each meal.  First, it's good for you and second, it makes you feel full so you eat less.
Don't put dishes with extra food on the table.  Fill your plate with what you want to eat and enjoy.  Dishes with extra portions on the table encourage to eat more - even if we're not hungry.

This may sound weird, but eat 3 square meals a day with a snack in between.  Your body needs energy (food) and if it thinks that it's not getting enough it will store energy (fat).  

Exercise - I know, it takes time and effort, but believe me it's worth it.  Just going for a brisk 30 - 60 minute walk three times a week will make a world of difference.
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You could sign up for a gym - this is a great solution as they have personal trainers and all the right equipment.   24 hour Fitness is one example of a jollywallet affiliated gym with over 400 gyms across the US - and you get 8% cash back on all their plans.
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Finally, make your own home gtm.  Get a treadmill, elliptical, exercise bike, a set of weights and make yourself a promise to work out for at least 60 minutes, thee times aweek.  There are dozens of jollywallet health & fittness stores to chose from - here are just three:  Workout Warehouse - 7% cash back,  Total Gym - 7% cash back,  Gym Room - 4.55% cash back.

I know it's a cliche - but your body is a like your cars engine.  Just like you take care of your car, so you have to take care of body to rnjoy a long and healthy life.

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