Monday, April 7, 2014

Celebrating Spring

Easter is almost here and is a great time to start celebrating the end of winter, enjoy a great family celebration at Easter by buying the traditional Easter Eggs, cooking up a great barbeques and just enjoying the great spring weather with a relaxing day of good food with the family.

Now’s also the perfect time to start the spring cleaning, clean up the yard and start preparing for a great summer.  

Here at jollywallet, we know that getting ready for the summer can be an expensive task.  
Perhaps you need some new furnishings or drapes for the house, plants and garden furniture, maybe a new barbeque or some pool games for the kids.  

Whatever you need, you’re sure to find it one of our over 3000 affiliated stores worldwide that offer you some great money saving deals and cash back on your purchases.

Take Target for example,  this chain of mega-stores let customers buy on-line and, if you’re a jollywallet user, on top of all the great deals Walmart is always offering, you get  1.5% cash back on all you buy.

If you’re a veteran jollywallet user, you already know how easy it is to start saving money when you shop.  The jollywallet app lets you know when you’re at a jollywallet marchant store and lists you all the deals and special offers – all you have to do is shop and enjoy discounts, rebates and – cash back.
So, from all of here at jollywallet, have a great Easter and an even greater summer while saving money with jollywallet.

Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away and now’s the time to start thinking of something special to get a great Mom.  Here at jollywallet we just want to remind you that when you’re looking for Mom’s gift, if you shop at any of our more than 3000 affiliated stores worldwide, not only do you enjoy all the special offers and deals they offer shoppers, you also get cash back for everything you buy.  Now is that a great deal or what!!!

Anyway, just to help you get started in your quest for the perfect gift, we thought we’d mention few of the great stores that work with jollywallet Sears, Target, Priceline, .   these stores have hundreds if not thousands of really great gift ideas and at fantastic prices.  All have special deals, discounts and rebates and to make your shopping experience perfect - you get cashback on all your purchases.

As soon as you enter these sites, the jollywallet app bar will let you know about all the great deals on offer and coupons on offer.  Just choose your deals, shop away to your heart’s content and, at the end of your shopping trip, a % of the money you spend is automatically credited to your jollywallet account.  It’s truly a win-win situation.  Great presents, great deals and cash money back in your pocket!

Shopping with jollywallet is a breeze – and when you see your jollywallet account ringing in those dollars, you’ll be looking for more places to shop on-line and get cashback.

Monday, March 17, 2014

E-file to Get Your Tax Refund Fast and Enjoy Up To 15% Cash Back


The IRS officially opened the tax season on the 31st of January 2014, two weeks late due to the government shutdown.
But you still only have until April 15th 2014 to complete and submit your 2013 tax returns.

Preparing tax returns is a real problem for many of the 200 million people in the US who file tax returns, the IRS forms are so complicated, there are so many details to remember and enter that it’s hard to know where to start and the end.

But, there is a simpler alternative and one that increasing numbers of Americans take advantage of every year – E-filing.
As the name suggests, this is an online system that allows you to prepare and file your tax return on-line.

jollywallet offers it's members :

8% cash back at Tax Act : &
15% cash back at e-smart tax :

Advantages of E-Filing
• Refunds are quicker – typically around two weeks as opposed to six weeks for a paper filing. And if you owe the Government money – you still have until after the filing deadline (April 15th) to pay.
• E-filer providers are IRS authorized tax professional and must use software tested and approved by the IRS.  So your tax return will always be completed correctly and in full.
• No problems with “disappearing” tax returns.  Within 48 hours your E-filer provider will be notified if the return has been accepted or if corrections are needed.  The whole process is transparent and foolproof!
• jollywallet E-filer offer you rates that are very reasonable – when you get 8% - 15% cash back which makes it even cheaper

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

2014 Valentine’s Day gift deals on jollywallet

I love Valentine’s Day! 

Every year on February 14th, I get excited

I know they’ll be showing the most romantic movies and I’ll have the chance to once again watch When Harry Met Sally, 
Pretty Woman and off course my favorite, 
Dirty Dancing

The second thing that I love about Valentine’s Day is giving gifts to my loved ones 
and getting gifts from them. 

A gift card from my grandmother, baking a chocolate chip cake for my niece and giving small tokens of gratitude and love to my friends and family. I love finding those special gifts that will make them smile.

I always look around the internet for good deals and coupons to help me save money, and this holiday is one of those where getting a 5% discount on all my purchases can make a great difference. Especially as I think that this year I’ll be spending something like $300 on presents.

So I surfed the net looking for deals, discounts, coupons and cash-back offers and found a list of great gift ideas that covers presents that are suitable for everybody on my gift list.

Gift ideas for Her
Books - 4% cash back
Flowers - 4% cash back
A Perfume - 10% cash back
Skin Care products - 6% cash back
A Bag - 13% cash back

Gift ideas for a romantic vacations
Scenic cruises - 6% cash back
Flight tickets - 4% cash back
Hot air balloon flights - 6% cash back
Horse riding - 6% cash back
Wine tours - 6% cash back

Adrenaline Gift ideas 
Bungy jumping - 6% cash back
Rodeo - 6% cash back
Off-road driving - 6% cash back
Stock car racing - 6% cash back
White water rafting - 6% cash back

Enjoy your holiday shopping

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The jollywallet holiday shopping guide

It’s that time of year again. The holidays aren’t here yet, which leads to a false sense of “there’s plenty of time to get my shopping done”. But based on past experience, we all know how quickly time flies and all of a sudden it’s a week before Christmas and time to panic; so we’ve decided that this year it’ll be different, and we’re here to help you plan ahead and avoid the stress of last minute shopping.


This is one gift you don’t want to get wrong; they know exactly what they want and you’d better deliver.
Here’s your chance to gain an advantage with a list that predicts the hottest toys for the 2013 holiday season. Not sure about these? Here’s another list that should help you make the right choice.

From the real kids to the overgrown kids- here’s a huge list that ranges from dollar toilet paper (yes, that’s a real thing) all the way to Swiss army knives. With 100 items listed you should be able to find great gifts for every budget and manly taste.

Harper’s Bazaar have compiled a list of chic gift ideas for women; all the fashion and fashion accessories ideas in one convenient list.  Not exactly what you were looking for? Here’s a more practical list of gift ideas from Marie Claire.

We’ve all got at least one friend or relative who is simply obsessed with the latest gadgets. The good people at Esquire magazine have compiled a fantastic list that should help even the greatest technophobes find the perfect gadget gifts.

The healthy options
Here’s a great list of healthy gift ideas from WebMD; the great thing about this list is that it isn’t necessarily intended for the health nut or fitness enthusiast. These gifts could work for just about any of your friends of relatives, and are a great (and subtle) way to help get them in shape.

Before you start striking names off your shopping list, make sure you check out our new store list for a comprehensive list of the thousands of stores that are part of the jollywallet network. Whatever it is you’ve decided to buy you’re sure to find it, along with the best cash back offers, on jollywallet- the ultimate cash back app!